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  Compare ILS Fulfillment with other fulfillment, pick and pack services. Carefully evaluate exactly what your business requires and then compare ILS Fulfillment�s warehouse, pick and pack and administrative support services on the following criteria:

1. Meets Your Needs
2. Experience
3. Knowledge
4. Flexibility
5. Cost Effectiveness

1. ILS Fulfillment Will Tailor Its Services to Meet Your Needs
If your business is a small but growing business, new start up, or foreign company that needs a US base of operations, ILS Fulfillment has the capabilities to perform exactly the specialty fulfillment, pick and pack and warehouse services your company needs in a timely and professional way. Use ILS Fulfillment as your stocking warehouse. We will receive and store your goods; pick and pack orders' and ship to your customers.

ILS Fulfillment can also receive pre-packed orders and re-ship to your customers - If you are a foreign company, this service can be very cost effective.
ILS Fulfillment can also perform a wide range of admmistrative functions - order entry, customer service, inventory managment, deposit checks/process credit cards, etc.

You Are A Growing or Start Up Company - You are focused on product and sales but you cannot neglect your warehouse and shipping operations. If your business does not ship pallets or even full cartons, you need a company like ILSFulfillment who is geared to small customer orders. We do not work with large companies as that is not our area of expertise!  We are experts at picking, packing and shipping small quantities of multiple SKUs in one box to a single customer. Importantly, as a start up business, you don�t want to incur fixed costs for a warehouse operation- rent, staff, equipment, computers, phone lines, supplies, etc. And you want to get up and running quickly. Only a specialty fulfillment, pick and pack warehouse company like ILS Fulfillment is organized to efficiently do this.

You are a Foreign Company- You need a US location to efficiently service its US customers, could use help with local business practices, might need a �local� office yet you do not want to incur a lot of fixed expenses. ILS Fulfillment can provide a full range of services from acting as your warehouse/distribution center to operating as your USA office for a wide range of administrative, support, service and accounting functions.

2. ILS Fulfillment Has the Experience
We are a 100+ year old family firm. Every fulfillment client works with one of our business principals.  We have always done �fulfillment� for our own small business. In our metro NY warehouse, we receive goods (from the US as well as many foreign countries), warehouse them, pick and pack, ship out to customers (via UPS, Federal Express Ground, expedited services and the US Postal Service), and do all the follow up (invoicing, collection, process credit cards, follow up on past due, etc.). We can do this for your small business as well.

ILS Fulfillment has been working with fulfillment clients for many years. We were asked to do a favor for a friend�s small business  whose warehouse service had gone out of business. We soon realized the fulfillment, pick and pack business for small businesses was a natural for us as it is exactly what we were doing for our own businesses.

Check our website: www.westermanmfg.com  to see what our core businesses are. Our specialty fulfillment, pick and pack business has expanded by word of mouth and today we work with an assortment of foreign and domestic companies to provide fulfillment, pick and pack services and other assistance that is  customized to meet their needs.

3. ILS Fulfillment Knows the Specialty Fulfillment Business
We do this every day for our own businesses. We can help the start up business and the foreign company looking for a US location. ILS Fulfillment is located in a convenient NY Metro location- right off a major interstate highway, close to major airports and ports- so deliveries from your freight company to our warehouse are fast and simple.

ILS Fulfillment works with domestic and foreign companies and receives deliveries from Europe, Asia and South America. We are knowledgeable about the import/delivery process and our warehouse can accept small packages as well as containers. We also provide a wide range of general business advice to our fulfillment clients as we are only as successful as our clients!

4. ILS Fulfillment is Flexible
ILS Fulfillment is a small, family business. Every fulfillment client works with one of our principals and we get to know your business. We are very willing to work out a customized approach to the services your company requires. We have the capabilities to provide a full range of services for a small business and can tailor this to your needs. You decide what you require and pay for only what you want! ILS Fulfillment does not have fixed contracts. There is no minimum contract or term. We sign confidentiality agreements. We do not make any of your information available. If our services don�t meet your needs, your business outgrows us, the business is sold, etc. there is only a thirty (30) day notification period.

5. ILS is the  Most Cost Effective Specialty Fulfillment Service  for the Small Business
Cost is always important, especially for a small company, and ILS Fulfillment is very cost competitive. However, lowest cost isn�t always the smart choice. A quality shipping/warehouse operation and reliability are as important as lowest cost to the success of any business, especially a small business trying to develop its niche in the marketplace.  Importantly, ILS is geared to process small orders. While this is labor intensive, it is our business and we are very efficient at it. Large warehouses with their giant racks, fork lifts and automated lines are great for large companies but not for the small specialty company!

Many warehouse/fulfillment services might appear to be low cost but have fixed fees or charges for every activity that is performed- minimum storage charges, receiving fees, handling charges, etc. These charges mount up quickly. ILS Fulfillment does not work this way. We charge an agreed upon percentage of net sales (excluding freight) and virtually everything else is included. One monthly fee based on your sales volume includes receiving your goods, warehouse space/storage, labor, normal warehouse supplies (cartons, packing materials, labels, etc.), picking and packing and then shipping your goods (you pay UPS/FedExGround charges for outgoing, customer freight). In addition, we do not charge for handling returns/damages, re-shipping, sending samples to trade shows and sales reps, etc. Bottom line- our success is tied to your success.
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